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Data Migration is one of the key components of data integration.  Data consolidation, synchronization and warehousing are the other components.  Data Intelligence specializes in all of these facets of data integration. 

Data Intelligence using a standard processes to migrate data from legacy systems into newly designed applications.  Data Intelligence defines the data requirements of the legacy system as well as the new system and then defines the extractions, translation and loading procedures necessary for the successful migration. Data Intelligence provides detail data migration plans in order to reduce development risks which may be caused by data migration problems as well as legacy data quality issues.  Data Intelligence provides extensive data validation and reporting on legacy data to help resolve legacy data quality issues. 
Data intelligence also specializes in the movement of vertically or horizontally distributed data to other distributed patterns or a centralized location.  With the advance technology and high speed connections and computers, we are seeing more and more consolidation of distributed systems into regional of centralized systems in an effort to reduce  administration costs. 
In addition to static migrations, Data Intelligence also supports data synchronization between the legacy and newly developed  he systems.  The synchronizations may be necessary in order to support the legacy and newly developed systems for a specified time period.






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