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Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded GSA IT-70 Architecture Support Task Order(PMW 240) posted on 5/28/2015

Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded GSA IT-70 Architecture Support for PMW 240 Task Order.

DI will be providing SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific Philadelphia and PMW 240 with architectural support to gain familiarity with the current systems in the portfolio, review current architectures and propose a structure for an objective architecture that will be designed with an outlook to the cloud and rapidly evolving future. Tasks will include:

- Gather material related to the programs within the portfolio and create a baseline of the various architectures utilized by the programs.
- Create the structure/charter for a centralized Technical Architecture Group with the goal of creating an Objective Architecture Guidance that allows for disparate, decentralized and agile development teams using common standards and guidance.
- Research, define and document best practices used by other programs.
- Build outlines for the objective architecture artifacts required for the effort.
- Build prototypes to model the concepts to be described and proposed in a draft Objective Architecture Guidance.
- Propose a draft Objective Architecture Guidance that will harmonize the portfolio through cost effective IT efficiencies with a focus on capabilities, not projects.
- Build the high level Identity and Access Management Architecture View that will be utilized in the final Objective Architecture Guidance.


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