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Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded Navy SPAWAR C4ISR LCS task order TDL Certification Test with Multi Link System Test posted on 1/4/2017
Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Version FRE-3.1 QA5 Tactical Data Link Certification Test with Multi Link System Test and Training Tool (MLST3) Operator/Analyst task order. DI will conduct Tactical Data Link (TDL) interoperability and standards conformance certification testing of LCS version FRE 3.1 QA5. In support of this objective, this effort will require TDL testing, current MLST3 operating expertise, Link 16 analysis, and familiarity with SSC Pacific 5914 Master Test Procedures (MTPs). Testing will consist of ensuring the system can perform Link 16 operations in accordance with applicable joint approved military standards as a Command and Control (C2) platform.
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