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Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded Option Year on Navy SPAWAR C4ISR Task Order PMW-240 MPTE Support posted on 3/17/2017
Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded option year on task order PMW-240 MPTE Support released by Navy SPAWAR C4ISR on DI's prime contract C4ISR Engineering Support Services contract. 

DI will provide SME support towards the integrated transition of systems and data to interoperable and standardized capabilities across the MPTE acquisition portfolio in support of Program Manager, Warfare (PMW) 240. DI will provide Integrated Imagery and Intelligence (I3) Architecture and Engineering expert support, develop and maintain the MPTE RA, a primary source that provides common information, guidance, and direction to guide and constrain solution architectures for development of MPTE IT capabilities. As part of this effort, participation in the MPTE Technical Architecture Group (TAG), which facilitates the development and maintenance of the MPTE RA, is required.

DI will develop proof of concepts specifically for Identity and Access Management (IdAM) that will take advantage of the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) version of OpenAM for authentication, authorization, and single sign-on (SSO). DI will Develop guidance for microservices architecture and container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes. In addition, provide detailed diagrams and documentation guidance, in accordance with (IAW) the following protocols and standards: Security Assertion MArkuop Language (SAML) and newer standards like JSON Web Token (JWT), OpenID Connect, and OAuth2.
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