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Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded Option Year on Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) P-8A Interoperability Support cobtract posted on 6/16/2017
Data Intelligence, LLC (DI) awarded option year on task order Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) P-8A Interoperability Support on US Navy SPAWAR C4ISR Engineering Support Services contract.� DI will provide support to the Program Management Activity (PMA-290) for the MMA P-8A Increment 2 in the areas of technical analysis, systems analysis, interoperability support and subject matter expertise (SME) related to the TDL standards, interface specifications, procedures, and interoperability certification. DI will develop interoperability recommendations through the analysis of program requirements, high level documentation describing capabilities, employment concepts, operational scenarios, and information exchange requirements (IERs) in cooperation with PMA-290. This will include the review of vendor produced TDL documentation. The use of the principles of the Interoperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation (iSMART) systems engineering process will ensure interoperable computer programs and a successful fleet introduction of the P-8A Poseidon Increment 2.
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