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DI Awarded Standards Management Support Services, iSMART/eSMART Task Order posted on 5/21/2020

DI Standards Management Support Services, iSMART/eSMART Support and Technical Analysis Support for C4I Systems Interoperability

DI will provide software engineering support to Code 53531 (Standards Management Branch) for database development and maintenance related to TDL and C4ISR standards systems.

This includes implementation data and the electronic Interoperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation (eSMART) implementation database (i.e.service repository); analytical/technical support, and technical meeting support services for Joint Multi-TDL Configuration Control Board (JMTCCB), Joint Multi-TDL Standards Working Group (JMSWG), United States Message TextFormat (USMTF) Configuration Control Board (CCB), and Symbology Standards Management Committee to Code 53531 (StandardsManagement Branch).

This also includes interoperability subject matter expertise (SME) support in the Configuration Management (CM) of TDL/C4ISR standards and specifications and staffing Interface Change Proposals (ICPs), Data Link Change Proposals (DLCPs), and technical interface design plan test edition (TIDP-TE) documentation.

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